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Guinea Mission Trip – February 2011
November 23, 2010, 2:30 pm
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Guinea Mission Trip – February 2011 – Eyeglass Clinics

Are you looking for something to do to escape the cold, snow, and gray winter days of the Kansas winter? Imagine the warmth under a blue African sky. The Guinea Task Force is looking for 8-10 people who would love to travel to Guinea, West Africa in February to experience not only the warmth of the African climate, but also the warmth and generosity of the African people!

Participants would leave the states on February 8, 2011, for a two-week mission trip concentrating on assisting Guineans with selecting eyewear that has been pre-tested and coded. Daily clinics will be held in three Guinean cities to test vision and distribute eyeglasses to those in need. MOST Ministries uses a very simple testing system which was created by an optometrist. This simple yet effective system allows for accurate testing for appropriate prescriptions. Patients are tested for both far- and near-sightedness and then fitting with the corrective glasses. The glasses these teams distribute are donated from a variety of sources such as schools, churches, individuals, and organizations. 

A team might serve between 100-300 people each day of the clinic. All patients are registered and these registrations provide names and contact information for the local Guinean church for follow-up evangelism. Eyeglass clinics minister to the physical and the spiritual needs of the patients, with the witness station being the most important part of the clinic. The witness station allows the local missionary, national pastor or lay minister to speak one-on-one with each individual who comes through the clinic. During this time, the Gospel message and information about the local church is shared. The Guinea Lutheran church is the primary worker at the witness station so that they are the ones building relationships with the local people.

Participants must be 14 years of age or older, and have the stamina to withstand bumpy roads, long days, and living conditions of a third world country. MOST provides the eyeglass training and tickets, VISA’s, logistics, etc. will be coordinated with the Kansas District and MOST Ministries. The cost is approximately $3,000 for this mission adventure. Please contact Jane Limback at or 913-236-6228 for additional information or if you have any questions.

Guinea Mission Project
Since we are organizing a trip to Guinea to serve in Eyeglass Clinics, can you guess what we need to start collecting? Please get the word out in your congregations and schools that we need eyeglasses to distribute to those in need – both children and adults. Start collecting now! What a wonderful opportunity this is for our Guinean Lutheran church to reach out – they provide glasses for physical sight and the Holy Spirit works through them to provide spiritual sight!

MOST Ministries will take all glasses, sunglasses, bifocals, blended lenses, etc. for both children and adults. There is no set deadline for the glasses to be collected and sent to their office, because they have a steady flow of glasses that come in from all over, allowing them to keep the inventory up. The glasses that do not meet their criteria are used for frames for the prescriptions they grind themselves.

Please send the glasses you collect to:

MOST Ministries
c/o Lynn Wrightson
3773 Geddes Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48105



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