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Ethnic Clashes in Guinea
May 9, 2011, 9:49 pm
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Security forces have been deployed to the town of Galakpaye and nearby village of N’Zerekore in south eastern Guinea after days of ethnic violence since 2 May left at least 25 people dead. The clashes, between the largely Christian Kpele group and the predominantly Muslim Malinke tribe, originally broke out after residents of Galakpaye, concerned over a spate of unexplained deaths in the area in recent months, employed the services of a medicine man from neighbouring Liberia, who accused a local Malinke man of using witchcraft to cause the deaths. One of the relatives of the dead, a Kpele man, then killed the Malinke man, sparking the ensuing violence. Guinea is home to over 30 ethnic groups, and ethnic tensions over communal, political or social issues sporadically lead to violence, most recently during the 2010 presidential elections, when around a dozen people were killed and scores more injured. Due to a number of ongoing security concerns, clients are advised against all non-essential travel to Guinea. Clients in Guinea are advised to exercise heightened caution at this time and avoid the town of Galakpaye and surrounding villages, including N’Zerekore, until the situation calms. Clients are further advised not to discuss any issues pertaining to religion, local politics or ethnic tensions as they may be emotive matters for Guinean nationals.


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