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Opposition Protests Planned in Guinea
September 26, 2011, 9:03 am
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The leaders of the opposition parties involved in planning this protest come mainly from a different ethnic group than the current president of Guinea. Ethnic tensions were very high during the presidential election which resulted in violence. Please pray that peace will prevail here in Guinea.
Trusting in Him,
Jack & Cathy

Guinea’s political opposition are set to commence protest action on 27 September, calling for the dismissal of the country’s electoral commission. The protests, which will be supported by 19 opposition parties and 2010 presidential candidates Cellou Dalein Diallo and Sidya Toure, will more than likely be centred on the capital, Conakry; although related gatherings in other major urban centres cannot be discounted. In response, incumbent Guinean president, Alpha Conde, has banned the proposed demonstrations, claiming that the events will destabilise the country. Opposition parties in Guinea have called for the disbanding of the country’s electoral commission amid allegations that the body lacks credibility and transparency, and may seek to rig the country’s 29 December 2011 parliamentary elections. Incidents of civil unrest have occurred frequently in the country in recent years. Protests have been sparked by a number of factors, most notably popular dissatisfaction with the government, and often result in clashes between protesters and security personnel. Most recently, post-election tensions prompted a period of instability punctuated by incidents of politically motivated violence in the second half of 2010. Clients in Guinea are advised to exercise heightened security awareness and avoid all protests, demonstrations and other public gatherings, as the potential for violence at these events is considered high. Additionally, any planned political gatherings will likely result in localised travel disruptions and delays should be anticipated.


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